Being Miss Honey

Miss Honey was born and raised in the beautiful capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. She grew up in a home that was filled with love of all kinds – most deliciously, the love of food. Heavily influenced by her Mother, Grandmothers and many Aunties, Miss Honey was a keen baker from a very early age. At the age of 6 she could be found getting under her Mother’s feet at the weekends while she was preparing for dinner parties and interviewing her for a pretend cooking TV show. At the age of 8 her Father was happily subjected to eating chocolate rice crispy cakes by the bucket load and was relieved when she was old enough to use the oven and could finally expand her array of experimental sweet treats.

Miss Honey comes from a very large family who love to share food – apart from when it comes to her Nani’s infamous pilau rice of course – then it is every man for himself!

Indeed, it is often the pinnacle of family jokes that dinner guests, are not permitted to leave until they are on the verge of a food coma. It is from these family customs that her passion for cooking and baking was born.

Inspired by a fusion of traditional south asian ‘Desi’ foods and western contemporary creations, Miss Honey strives to be adventurous both in her flavours and presentation while inventing simple to follow recipes. Miss Honey often finds herself consumed with wanderlust as she has a keen interest of travelling the world to explore different cultures and new surroundings, much of which she likes to incorporate into her new dishes.

Miss Honey graduated with a Psychology degree at the University of Aberdeen before going on to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Education at the University of Glasgow in order to follow her dreams of becoming a primary school teacher. Miss Honey is now a newly qualified teacher and ensures to have plenty of baked goods on hand in and out of the classroom as she is keen to share her passion for culinary delight with children and adults of all ages.

Miss Honey has a great enthusiasm for all creative realms, whether that be baking and cooking or her other avocations such as arts and crafts, travelling and dabbling in the world of beauty and cosmetics.

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