Winter skincare haul

Winter is my favourite season.

Festive hot chocolates.

Cosy knitwear.

Sparkles galore.

Winter wonderland.

And of course the magical lead up to the ‘C word’ which I have currently banned from my classroom until the 1st of December!

One thing I don’t love so much about Winter however, is the dull dry skin!

I decided I wanted a revamp and to clear out my skincare shelf.

I booked myself in for a ‘perfect skin’ consultation at the Bobbi Brown studio in Edinburgh, George Street.

This included a 30 minute consultation on my skin type, problems/concerns and a tutorial on which products to use and how.

The ladies at the Bobbi Brown studio are fabulous. I left the lesson with my skin absolutely glowing and a bag full of goodies!

Here are some of my new skincare essentials and some of my old favourites…

Bobbi Brown Extra cleansing balm: this should be used 3-4 times a week as a cleanser and can be left on as a mask for a few minutes for added benefits. It has a delicious citrus scent and a lovely rich texture. I plan to use this as well as my old cleansing oil by Origins.

Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream: so apparently using eye cream is a big deal… hopefully if I start using this now I’ll be laughing in tears to come?! This should be patted onto the eye area morning and night and helps to reduce dark circles and fine lines.

Bobbi Brown Extra treatment lotion: this should be warmed in the hands and then applied over moisturiser all over the face to soak in hydration.

Bobbi Brown Extra illuminating moisture balm: this can be mixed with moisturiser, applied over moisturiser or mixed with foundation. It adds even more moisture for dull dry skin and also leaves you with a lovely glow that shines through your base, almost like a strobing effect.

Bobbi Brown hydrating gel cream: this is an old favourite which I’ve been using for a while, it is lightweight while giving the perfect amount of moisture. On its own it’s probably not enough for the winter months but layered with the above products it is perfect all year round!

Origins original skin renewal serum: fights the affects of pollution and every day stress on skin!

Origins never a dull moment: LOVE LOVE LOVE this brightening face polisher. It brightens and evens the skin tone. I was in London last month (don’t get me started on what the water there does to your hair and skin) and this was my skin saviour.

Origins high potency night-a-mins: this night moisturiser has been a favourite of mine for 3 years now and no matter what other products I try, I always come back to it! It smells like oranges and you wake up with lovely skin – what more could a girl need?!

You know those free samples you are given when you purchase products and you end up forgetting about them so they lay around gathering dust?! I had the idea of creating a ‘try something new’ box to store them in and I’m going to attempt to try something new once a week!


Of course no shopping trip would be complete without at least one make up splurge! Brightening blush in  ‘warm cocoa’

I hope you found this helpful! I think skincare products might just be my new weak spot…

Enjoy a lovely winter, extra hot chocolate is definitely allowed, with whipped cream and marshmallows – Miss Honey says so!

Lots of love,

Miss Honey ♥ xx


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  1. Love this piece Anisa with all the images. My skincare is verging on identical to yours except a few more layers and face oil. Wonderful selection there.
    The illuminating balm is fabulous, I pop a little above my cheekbones after my makeup is done for a nice dewy hydrated appearance. The hydrating eye cream is fabulous.
    Never a Dull moment scrub and the Origins night-a-mins cream are my favourites too. I use them constantly. Good choices!
    And how amazing does that new brightening brick look on?! – I used that for a warm cheek tint on Friday with a dark plum lip – so gorgeous.
    You have great taste Anisa.


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