Vietnam, Laos and Thailand – part 1

Summer 2016 ♥

The summer before I start my career as a teacher.

The summer I decided to let go of everything and tick an adventure off my bucket list.

My feet have finally touched the ground after i’ve been floating in a euphoric state following the best trip of my life.


I spent two weeks travelling around South Asia with this backpack.

To be specific, I travelled around Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.


Here is a map detailing the different places and route I travelled!

For those of you who are interested in travelling around South Asia and would like to do something similar, I booked this tour through STA travel but the tour is carried out by G adventures. The tour involved travelling with a tour guide and a group who are around the same age as you (and will probably end up becoming your new best friends as travelling together creates an incredible bond). You can book this tour here: Vietnam, Laos and Thailand on a shoestring

Hanoi, Vietnam

My journey out involved a flight from Glasgow to Dubai, Dubai to Bangkok and then Bangkok to Hanoi. Needless to say after 2 days of travelling (including a flight caught in a tropical storm which resulted in severe turbulence and me thinking I was never going to arrive in one piece…) by the time I arrived in Hanoi I was so tired I just wanted to collapse into a heap!

The next morning I met some lovely people who had been travelling around Cambodia and Vietnam with one of my best friends who I had arranged to travel with. We explored Hanoi which is the capital city of Vietnam and I managed to soak in the vibe while trying not to be killed by people driving motorbikes (the driving over there is crazy – basically, there are no rules or traffic regulations, just try not to get hit).

FullSizeRender 2





We went to see a water puppet show which was interesting!



I tried a vietnamese delicacy which is a hot chocolate made not with milk but… egg! It was incredibly delicious



The streets of Hanoi from a rooftop terrace bar.

Vientiane, Laos

Following a couple of days in Hanoi and meeting everyone who was part of our tour (sidebar: some of the most fabulous people i’ve ever met!) we took a coach to Vientiane, the capital of Laos. In Vientiane I took my first tuk tuk ride and explored a few stunning temples. We stayed in Vientiane for one day before moving on to Vang Vieng.



Colourful legs in our tuk tuk as we were all wearing our ‘temple trousers’.





Haw Phra Kiew: Buddhist temple



Patuxai: war monument dedicated to those who fought for independence for Laos.

FullSizeRender 4

World peace gong located next to the Patuxai war monument, this was gifted to Laos by the United Nations.








Exploring these temples in Vientiane was surreal. I’m a spiritual person and I really enjoy learning about different religions and cultures, Buddhism strikes me as such a peaceful following and being able to spend time in these temples was an uplifting experience, I came away feeling lighter and content (perhaps not quite enlightened though!). The teachings of all religions are precious and we must remember to respect different practices and traditions as well as our own beliefs.

Part 2 of my South Asia travels will be up on my blog shortly – please bare with me as I sort through my photos in between preparing for the start of school term next week!

Miss Honey ♥ xx


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