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Hi. My name is Miss Honey and i’m an addict. 

An addict for all things organisation, stationary and classroom that is.

So you make it through your teacher training year and you are beyond excited to have your very own class and your very own classroom. How do you go about setting up your own classroom? What do you buy? Where do you buy it?

Over the past few weeks I have begun building up my resources and collecting materials for my classroom. Pinterest, pound shops and my laminator are my new best friends. My family are completely unimpressed with the dry stringy glue from my hot glue-gun they keep finding on the carpet (sorry about that, newspaper down from now on I promise!)

If you follow me on snapchat/instagram you are no doubt fed up of all my teaching photos so I thought I would write a blog post on what I have bought/made so far for my classroom and where I sourced it from – hopefully this will be of use to any teachers out there, or anyone who is a stationary geek like I am!

So here it goes…

Assorted cushions and blankets/throws for a ‘cosy reading corner’ next to the library area of my classroom.

FullSizeRender 13Round watermelon cushion and padded turquoise cushion both from Tiger. Pale blue & pink cushions from Ikea. Blue throw from Ikea. Rose patterned throw from Bargain Buys.

Jotter storage trays. These are perfect for transporting if you need to take marking home – I learned the hard way that using canvas bags is a nightmare.

IMG_7711Assorted trays are from the ‘trofast’ range at Ikea. I made the labels using Microsoft Publisher for Mac.

Adorable chalkboard labels and jumbo chalk. The labels are a great way to organise boxes/trays and the chalk can be used to carry out active spelling in the playground.

FullSizeRender 10Chalkboard labels available on Amazon. Jumbo chalk from Tiger.

I made this iHelp job chart to display which pupils will be carrying out which administrative jobs, I plan to change the roles around on a weekly basis.

IMG_6825I stole this idea from Pinterest. The board is white card and black paper. I made all of the labels using Microsoft Publisher before laminating.

Play-doh can be used for active spelling and other design/technologies lessons.

IMG_7913Rainbow play-doh from B&M home stores.

Plastic balls which can be used for big writing games like ‘hot potato’ to encourage the use of a wide range of vocabulary – I picked this idea up from my last mentor!

FullSizeRender 12Ball kit from B&M home stores (intended use for a ball pit – get creative!)

Various clips to display work (particularly great for art work along a ‘washing line’).

FullSizeRender 11Heart and butterfly clips from Tiger. Blue and polka dot washing line clips from B&M home stores.

Jazzy lettering to liven up displays.

IMG_6236Poppin’ patterns in a pack of 250 available from Amazon.

A large 3D book which I made for my library wall, inspired by our class novel/topic which will be Harry Potter.

IMG_7866I made this using cardboard, black, brown and white paper, tissue paper, recycled tubing and of course my hot-glue gun.

‘Editor glasses’: Another idea I picked up from my mentor! At the end of a big writing lesson pupils can be chosen at random to play the role of editor and wear these glasses. The editor will peer-assess by giving their peers a ‘tickled pink’ and ‘green for growth’ for their work (i.e one thing they enjoyed about their written piece and one area for improvement).

IMG_7951Selection of fun glasses from Tiger.

Storage essentials! I intend to have baskets full of resources on each table and then extra in a stationary section (as you can see I have labels on the baskets for the table names – again Harry Potter themed!)

IMG_8025Round baskets from Bargain Buys, square baskets from B&M home stores.

Fairy lights. Just because they’re pretty…

FullSizeRender 9Polka dot lanterns from Tiger, rose printed lanterns from B&M home stores.

More pegs for displaying work… and also because they’re cute.

FullSizeRender 6Squirrel and hedgehog pegs from Tiger.

Various bits for my desk! Stamps for self-assessed and peer-assed work and a two-stars and a wish stamp.

FullSizeRender 5Elephant sellotape dispenser from Tiger, pen holders from Amazon, various stampers from Amazon.

Lots of reward stickers! My favourite are the growth mindset stickers.

FullSizeRender 4Growth mindset stickers and star stickers from Amazon. Peronsalised stickers were gifts but I believe they are available online. Reward stickers book was a little find from my Dad from the good old ‘Sulaymans’ Cash & Carry in Glasgow!

Cupcakes I made for a ‘birthdays display’ wall I will have in my classroom.

FullSizeRender 14

Colourful brushes for scrubbing art supplies such as paint trays, chalk pens for writing on blackboards (how cool?) and rose magnets.


White tub is from Ikea, coloured brushes from B&M home stores, chalk pens available on Amazon and rose magnets are from Tiger.

Favourite quotes for a ‘words of wisdom’ display wall I will be making.

FullSizeRender 2

Lastly, a word from the teacher.


I didn’t want to bore you with my mundane displays for VCOP and maths but I hope to share the finished result of what my classroom looks like when I am finished setting it up!

Lots of love,

Miss Honey ♥ xx


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